Animal Telepathy

Telepathy: Empathy from a distance.

Animal communication is a skill we all have as children. So often kids are told, “That’s just your imagination,” and so the ease with which we once communicated gets lost.

Animals communicate with their hearts. My teacher, Sharon, says that animals are sometimes actually better communicators than we are, because they send you the image, the feeling and the words all at once. So often when talking with other humans our minds are elsewhere than our emotions and the images going through our heads might be a million miles off. Not so with animals, they are present, fully and completely. It is one of the most beautiful things about animals. They are here 100%.

I am a student of animal communication.

I am not a practitioner yet. When talking with your animals, I can’t guarantee my accuracy. When you ask me to talk with your animal I am simply being as present as I can be with them and relaying what I am receiving. I would love to speak with your animal in return for detailed feedback on my accuracy. I am not yet trained to help with lost animal cases, training and behavioral issues and the like. I’m happy to do my best and give it a shot, but I can’t guarantee results.

If you need professional animal communicator help please contact Sharon Loy at

She helped me find my cat, Little Bear, who had been lost for a week. You can read the full story here.

That being said, I’m happy to talk with your animals. Whatever the situation is, I’m open to giving it a shot, you just need to remember I’m a student and I need your help in recognizing what is me and what is your animal speaking. When reading my communications the more feedback you can provide the more you can help me grow and learn.

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Commission an Animal Portrait, I have a masters in painting and drawing, so the portrait is professional while the communication your animal friend and I share is practice.


This is Martin, he lives outside in all weather, not because he has to, but because he wants to. He’d be perfectly welcome inside our house, but as hmartine says, “I could never be an indoor cat.” Martin is in communication with the nature spirits on our property. He’s woven a kind of golden web around our ten acres. He’s an incredible cat.

Enter your name and email address below as well as uploading a recent photograph of your animal. I will contact you with a transcript of our communication.

Remember I’m just a student and your feedback is important in my learning process.

I’d love to talk with your animals and I’ll do my very best to relay what they have to say with clarity and accuracy. Please let me know if anything in the communication feels off, that kind of feedback is most important of all.

Please upload at least one recent picture of your animal (eye contact would be ideal).
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This is Leonard, he is called “brother bear” at his loving home in Berkeley, California. He is so connected to his person that he feels her as though he were inside her skin. He said, “If she were to get more massages then I’d be more relaxed too.” In Sharon Loy’s training of animal telepathy, we’ve seen this a lot with companion animals, they feel what their people feel. The happier we are, the happier they can be. The more we care for ourselves, the less they need to hold our stresses for us. I was honored to paint Leonard’s portrait. You can see more portraits here.

Below is a documentary about my animal communication teacher (my cat Little Bear and I are featured in the first part).