Animal Portraits

To commission an animal portrait simply choose between a framed or unframed portrait in the paypal secure checkout below. You’ll be asked to upload at least two photos of your animal on the next page.

The drawings are done in professional, artist grade pastels (the pastels I use were voted the very best brand of soft pastels in the world) on museum quality, sanded pastel paper. The size is 19 x 25.5″. The paper has been tested to last 300 years and the colors will never fade. Your animal friend deserves no less.

A portrait is a constant reminder of how wonderful our animals are. They can speak to your more readily when you consider them as fellow family members, and honor them with portraits on your walls.

Because I am communicating with your animal, the portrait highlights their deepest nature. They will thank you to no end for listening to what they have to say.

Ask your animal if they’d like a portrait.
Ask them if they have messages they’d like to share with you. A portrait is for them as much as it is for you.

They yearn to help us. They’re waiting to communicate with you.

After you choose the size of drawing and pay, you’ll be directed to an upload link. I like to have a couple of pictures of your animal to choose from.

2“Jade Webber is a wonderful painter – and she also happens to be a sensitive soul who connects deeply with people and animals. Her painting of our dog Leonard really captures his look and spirit, and it has already given us enormous pleasure. If you’re looking for someone to paint the animal in your life, I highly recommend Jade and her art work.” -Dave S. in Berkeley California

So many companion animals tell me they came here to help their people.

Animals know us better than we know ourselves, what they have to say is deeply insightful. They are always communicating with us.

Trust me, your animals have beautiful, pertinent, and sometimes urgent messages they’re eager to share with you. I often find our animals have been waiting and waiting to speak with us. We can help them live richer lives with us when we finally listen to what they’ve been saying.

Commissioning a personalized portrait of your furry companions is the best way to connect with their sensitive and wise natures.

Unframed portrait
Unframed portrait

Framed Portrait
Framed Portrait
19.5 x 25.5















When painting an animal their inner nature shines. Some dogs are here to help ease their people’s stress and burdens. Orsen (the dog in the painting at the top of the page), said to me, “I’m a little fellow, but I’ve got a great big personality. I’m an upright kind of guy, an upright citizen. I’ve got my woman and she’s got me….She’s always been there for me and I’ve always been there for her. I love her with all my being. With everything I have I love this woman.”




A cat I talked to, Stella, felt that her person was an artist at heart. She directed me to make her painting in very particular colors, “More yellow,” she kept saying, “Now we need more blue.” As I was painting she said to me, “I want half of the picture to be like the sun and the other half like the night.” She was very active and talkative all while I was drawing.



Dear Jade.
This is a truly unique experience. I can’t find the words to thank you enough . . . You have a very special gift. I’m very grateful for this. I’m speechless . . . thank you immensely. I am humbled by this experience. You’ve made a believer out of me. Everything you said was accurate. It’s real magic.

– O.G. Canada,

Animal Telepathy Practicum Client

“Thanks Jade, that was so incredible!” -J.C. Virginia Beach,

Animal Telepathy Practicum Client

“Thank you for painting such a wonderful painting of Bronte, and connecting with her on such a remarkable level. I’m looking into the eyes you painted as I type ..” -L.D. Bay Area,

Animal Telepathy Practicum Client


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