Out of the Sea of Brahmin

Out of the Sea of Brahmin, Oil on Canvas, 51 x 51″

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Out of the Sea of Brahmin

There is an ancient myth in India called the Sea of Brahmin. Once, the universe was contained in a vast ocean. Water stretched out in every direction and contained everything.

One day a droplet flew up high over the ocean and for an instant that droplet perceived all of Brahmin. Immense, beautiful, and terrifying. The drop refused to fall back down and loose it’s sense of self.

So the droplet put on clothes and got a job and forgot about the vast sea.

Here is an unfettered bear, just up from the sea.

This bear is not realistic, yet not entirely abstracted. The act of making is like the act of awakening to the sea, right here, in this scraping away. The act of breathing, of looking, right there, in that blue mass of crashing paint.

Out of the Sea of Brahmin, 51 x 51"